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About Us

How we began and our experience:

Rhythm G’s was born in 2011 by Grady Turner and Geeta Minocha.    Grady and Geeta have known each other since 2008. They met at a fitness center in the Bay Area where Geeta introduced her Bollywood Dance style to the group fitness scene.  At the time, Grady was teaching Hip-Hop and Dance Fitness.  On the side, Grady was a DJ for Corporate parties, Bar Mitzvahs, school events, and festivals.  When he met Geeta, she was running her Montessori preschool at her home.  She was also  teaching Bollywood dance and yoga classes at her home, and she was a vendor and instructor of Bollywood Fitness in San Jose Community Centers.

A little about Grady:

At the age of 11, Grady was introduced to his first love, Tae Kwon Do.  He stayed with this art for several years.  His foundation for life skills of self-discipline, integrity, honesty, respect for others, humbleness, helping others and, of course, health and fitness, came from this Martial Arts training at Choi’s Tae Kwon Do in San Jose.  

At the age of 16, Grady and some friends created a dance group called,  “Jam Patrol.”  This began Grady’s journey in hip-hop music and dancing.  Jam Patrol performed at various popular venues all over the Bay Area.  Grady brings his experience of creating dance routines, and mentoring and teaching kids.  Grady brought discipline and organization to these teams.   He kept them together for many years.  He has remained dedicated to the cause of helping kids find their passion and keeping kids involved in constructive activity.  Currently he is teaching dance for after-school activities.  

Grady’s passion for working with kids and families though music and dance, led him to DJ-ing parties in 2000.  He worked for an entertainment company from 2006-2013.  Grady learned a lot about the entertainment business during this time.  In fact, he was an integral part of this company’s success.  Grady was a member of the DJ team that was voted #1 DJs in the Bay Area, by the J Magazine of the local Jewish community.   Grady always gave 110% for each show.  He learned from the Bar/Bat  Mitzvah community, that he was a highly requested DJ!  Grady left this company to continue his passion on his own.

Geeta Minocha Rhythm Gs Biography PhotoA little about Geeta:

Geeta comes from a strong Indian cultural background.  While growing up, Geeta enjoyed dancing and performing at International Folk Festivals and Indian Cultural events.  She continued to perform through her college years.  She founded the very first Indian Cultural Organization at The Ohio State University back in 1989.  She has been active in community-building events.  Geeta still performs dance, and  she demonstrates dance fitness at parties, multicultural events, schools, and health and wellness festivals.  Geeta also loves working with children.  She has Montessori training and is a Master of Education.   Geeta is a teacher by nature.   Besides working in school settings, Geeta has been running her own dance fitness program called, “Bolly 2B Fit. “  She has a passion for community building and entertaining.  Geeta loves bringing people together to celebrate through their culture, music and dance.

In July of 2011, Grady and Geeta began choreographing routines together to create their own dance fitness program.    They shared ideas about teaching a new style of dance fitness, choosing the right music, choreography, energizing crowds, and making it unique by adding the element of live drumming.  Their passion and driving force is to  motivate kids, families, and communities to be happy, healthy and fit.  

Grady and Geeta offered “Dance Fitness and Entertainment on Wheels,” with the slogan, “If you can’t come to us, we will bring the party to you!”   In 2012, they began teaching Group Exercise classes together and performing at health and wellness festivals.  Grady drums, and he choreographs routines with Geeta.  Geeta also is learning about the DJ business.  In 2013, DJ services has now become the primary focus of  Rhythm G’s.  It is now called,  “Rhythm G’s Entertainment.”